Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smart Females

There are a lot of men that are intimidated by smart females, especially when dating them when marriage is a possibility. I am not in the least bit intimidated by a smart female. As far as I am concerned, the smarter the better.

But I don't care how smart any female is, there are many areas of life, and subjects that I can always out perform any female I could ever come into contact with, no matter how smart she is. No person knows everything. Besides that, I would sure get bored with a dumb female I had to deal with, regardless of the situation I would find myself involved with one. Especially a "close" relationship.

If I ever get married again, I definitely would like to marry the smartest female I could find. Look what I could learn from her.

And by smart, I do not mean one who is vain about her intelligence. If she has no humility along with her intelligence, then she would be a bore. My definition of a smart female is a person who is well informed on a wide variety of subjects and who is aware that no matter how much she knows, she is always open to the possibility that she can be wrong about anything. That is intelligence.

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