Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Is Natural, What Is Not?

The only things that are natural in this world, are things created by Jehovih. Things created or made by man are not natural. If you want to know just how dangerous the processed food, in these stores are, then go to and check out what is available there. It is a lot smarter to spend money on knowledge, than to spend money on doctors, drugs, hospitals and hundreds of over-the-counter preparations.

Most health problems can very easily be solved by changing your eating habits from junk food and processed food and fast food, to just plain simple food that Jehovih has created for all of us. Ninety percent of all the health problems, afflicting people all over this world, is caused by improper diet. For the average person, changing their diet, to what God has created, is all they need to do, for most or all of their health problems, to just go away, eventually.

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