Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Walking Garbage Cans

The average person's diet is not bad at all, it is terrible. Not only that, the average person's colon has never been cleaned out by enemas and colonics their entire lives. They are not only eating themselves to death every day but their filthy colons are putting poisons right back into their bodies on a daily basis. To further add insult to injury, when they get sick from both of these terrible transgressions against their bodies, they run off to their doctors and get some drugs to try to get well.

There is no permanent healing to those people who walk around every day like a bunch of garbage cans because of the junk food they eat and because of their filthy colons. They want their children to grow up healthy but instead of feeding them healthy food in the first place, they go to their doctors and have their precious babies inoculated with poison to protect them from the terrible diseases they will get because the parents will not feed their offspring a healthy diet in the first place.

It is an insanity beyond my compression that these parents are so ignorant that they do not understand that health comes from proper diet and will never come from any other source whatsoever. Talk about child abuse. There is no greater child abuse you can possibly commit than feeding a child a rotten diet and causing the child to grow up with "trained tastes" that will eventually cause all manner of terrible diseases Then they will go to doctors and expect them to cure them with drugs. It is never going to happen, I do not care what these drug companies and their cohorts, the doctors, tell you.

Every human being was created by the Creator and only those things created by Him for our bodies will ever bring real health. What man creates will never bring health.

When it comes to the filthy human colon making people sick, go to and type in "colonics" and start reading. The human colon cannot completely clean it's self. Feces are left in there and will cause you all kinds of problems. I don't recommend any other method of cleaning the colon except with just plain water.


Unknown said...

I was reading your blog and I'm curious if you think perhaps meat asnd milk were not permitted to you because of the way they are raised now a days. God clearly said we can eat everything, so perhaps meat now isd poisoned with the drugs given to the animals.

Donald said...

Hi Alice:

I do not know where you read that we can eat anything. Read Gods' Diet.

Since God is our Creator and since God is not stupid, He also created food for us to eat but companies come along and mess all that up. Follow for excellent health information.