Thursday, November 29, 2007

America Is A Drug Infested Nation

Many years ago, when this nation was first going through it's growing pains, and people had heeded the call, "Go West Young Man, Go West", these same men, who went west, got sick now and then and would seek some sort of medical help. Dealers of the drug trade, would come along with their various "so called" cures for whatever ailed these sick people. Their claims were always atrocious and would claim to cure almost anything imaginable. They eventually would be called the "Snake Oil Salesmen".

Down through the years, these drug making people began to delve into the study of drugs, trying to come up with better and better '"snake oil preparations". The problem with all of these concoctions, was the fact that none of them could be called "natural", and even though they may bring temporary relief or treat the symptoms, no actual cure was ever accomplished. And when this drug or that drug may have seemingly "cured" a certain problem, sometimes the side effects would cause problems much worse than what they had '"cured? " in the first place.

These drug companies, in order to protect themselves from lawsuits, as a result of the side effects that these drugs could cause, would write up a long list of all the possible side effects to be able to tell their customers:

"See, we told you what the dangers of taking this medicine was".

"See, we warned you that this stuff could be dangerous".

These drug companies are still at it, promising all kinds of great cures in the pipeline, so people think they can keep on with their unhealthy ways. They think they can eat all those lifeless foods, because the drug companies will always come along and cure (?) them. So people think they do not have to stop committing all those crimes against their own body and soul, because the drug companies will always come along, and save them. So they keep right on committing any old sin against their body that they want to, because it is so much fun, and these drug companies don't care what happens to your body or soul as long as they can get some profit from it.

There is nothing natural about drugs and very little good, in the long run, will every come out of them. God says in OAHSPE, that inoculations are the BATTLE AX of Satan and that man must find the "higher law" and that higher law is just simply to live the most natural way you possibly can and you will never have to resort to the use of any drug, because you will not get sick in the first place. The only reason why anyone, should ever take any drug for anything at all, is when they just do not know a more natural way, and they do not know what has caused the problem in the first place.

The greed of these drug companies is so great, it bothers them not that senior citizens, on these drugs, because of their limited income, have been forced, many times, to spend their meager income on drugs, instead of proper nutritional food, or pay for heat for their apartments, or other things far more basic than drugs, that they actually do not need at all, if they just knew the truth about the healing forces in the proper diet. Food should be their "medicine" instead of drugs.

If people would only eat what God wants them to eat, ninety percent of all illness and disease would just "Go Away" eventually. Proper food should be your medicine, not drugs. Many, many people in the world could just solve their own health problems if they would just do a little research into proper diet.

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Disclaimer: What I have said is true, but I also know that millions of people are gaining benefits from numerous drugs, which they must depend on until they are willing to change their lifestyle, which people themselves resist. Change is gradual most of the time. People usually change, only when they must suffer the consequences of their own decisions and lifestyle.

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