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In Oahspe, the new bible, God says that he judges people by their grade. The more you help people, the higher your grade.

If you serve other people 10% of the time and yourself 90% of the time, your grade is 10.

If you serve other people 50% of the time and yourself 50% of the time, your grade is 50.

If you serve others 99% of the time and yourself .01% of the time, your grade is 99.

Jehovih will not let you go above 99 because you would then lose your own identity. Jehovih is the only one who will ever be grade 100.

All animals are grade 1. Animals do not have a soul like we do and they do not have eternal life. Angels do have the ability to keep animals alive for awhile in the spirit world because people here on earth become so dependent on them that animals are kept alive for a period of time until those humans who need them can get along without them. Then the animal just goes out like a burned out light bulb and is seen no more. People can go out of existence too but that is rare now. The only people who might go out of existence are those who do not believe in a creator or god of any kind or do not believe in an afterlife of any kind. What you believe in, here on earth, is very important to what will happened to you after death

People who cause trouble are "below" grade 1, even below the animals.
What are examples of trouble makers? People who constantly find fault with other people and create turmoil in their lives. People who constantly complain and offer no positive solutions to problems they see.

Terrorists of all kinds are below grade one. People who produce junk food and processed food that will only cause health problems for other people . People who produce drugs, constantly telling people they will cure them when they never do heal, but only treat symptoms with dangerous side effects.

People who play loud music which is violent and destructive to the soul, mind and body of those who listen to this noise.

And I am sure you can name people who fall into this category.

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