Thursday, November 29, 2007

Natural Medicine Heals

Dr. Michael T. Murry N.D., who is a professor of Natural Medicine, has collected over 50,000 scientific articles, is the author of over 20 books, proves that natural medicine heals and drugs do not heal.

What these drugs companies do, is go the natural source of healing nutrients like phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins, that are found in plants, and then in a laboratory, make a synthetic (fake) version and sell this to people for gobs of money.

It is like "stealing form God" and "faking up the stuff" and using the "faked up version" to try to "treat" your symptoms. These "fakes" have serious potential "side effects" that can be worse than what they are trying to treat in the first place.

These drugs companies are bombarding the "boob-tubers" so much that those people can't find their way to health because of being brainwashed by these drug companies and their slick "Madison Avenue" commercials. These drug companies are always telling you that they have a cure on the way and even though they do treat symptoms, real healing never happens and never will, because healing only comes from our Creator and never from any other source.

These drug companies make a big mistake when they go to a plant and take out just "part" of the whole plant's "nutrient formula." When the Creator made that plant, He made the proper combinations of nutrients, to work well together for your health. When the drugs companies take out only "part of" what He put in there, they mess up the formula.

A really good example of this is the soybean. Everything I have read about food using soybeans is that when the food processors use only "one part" of the soybean in foods, they mess up the formula God used and it is therefore harmful to the physical body. That is the reason WHOLE FOODS is the only way to eat, which is the way God made them.

Another good example is when millers separate the grains of wheat into separate parts and use the separate parts in food. This is why all ''white flour foods" are very bad to eat because the bran and germ has been removed.

All white flour foods are high gylcemic and when eaten causes sugar to rush into the blood stream too fast, which causes the pancreas to rush in insulin to control this and this is so hard on the pancreas that "it" soon wears out and causes a person to become a diabetic. The fastest way to becoming a diabetic is to consume lots of sweet stuff and white flour foods, especially when combined together like cake, cookies, rolls, donuts and junk food like that.

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