Thursday, November 29, 2007

Praising Others

Praising others does nothing to the person doing the praising. Name dropping doesn't add one whit to you at all. Singing the praises to some God does nothing for you or your relationship to that God. He already knows who He is. Chasing after movie stars and the rich and famous does nothing for you.

Always talking about how great some other person is, does nothing for you. People feel that praising some famous person will somehow rub some of that fame off on them, are just kidding themselves. Taking the name of some famous person will do nothing for you. When you do take the name of some famous person, that is akin to stealing or trying to steal what belongs to someone else.

It does nothing for you. You must develop your own talents and abilities before any greatness will be added to you. You cannot steal from others what they have done and accomplished and expect it to do you any good at all.

The moral of what is said here is: "Get a life of your own."

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